Why the Celtic is a Great Sports Bar!

A great sports bar can be the difference between a fantastic night out with friends and a forgettable one. But what are the ingredients that make sports bars stand out?

Big TVs & Multiple TV Screens.

The Celtic Tavern has numerous TVs throughout our pub. Big and multiple TV screens can help showcase a variety of sports events, while also providing enough visibility for viewers in all parts of the establishment. Additionally, giant TV screens provide an immersive viewing experience that makes it feel like you’re part of the action!

Good Selection of Beer & Cocktails.

No sports bar experience is complete without a great selection of beer and cocktails. At the Celtic, we offer craft beers and specialty cocktails, to keep you well-stocked while you watch the games. We have a tremendous variety of domestic and international beer options that can also please the most discerning fans! We offer weekly specials so you can enjoy more while still spending less.

Quality Pub Food & Snacks.

Our food is legendary. We’ve got a well-rounded menu consisting of classic favorites like wings, French fries, and burgers. Other tasty options like sandwiches, salads, and shareable dishes will also create an enjoyable experience for hungry fans. It’s even better if the food is locally sourced or made with fresh ingredients!

Comfortable Seating & Chairs.

We’ve got new comfortable seating, so you can relax and enjoy the game.

Great Ambiance & Atmosphere for Sports Fans.

Experiencing a game at the sports bar should feel like attending the event. Our atmosphere keeps you feeling excitement and anticipation. At the Celtic Tavern, you’ll be part of the action. See why we are the best sports bar in Conyers, Georgia. Visit us in Olde Town – a safe, walkable, and historic district!