Have you ever felt like no matter how many chicken wings you eat, you just can’t get enough? If so, then you have to try The Celtic Tavern’s signature chicken wings! Packed with flavor and sure to satisfy your cravings, we believe they’re the best in town. Read on to find out why our wings are superior!

Freshly Baked Chicken Wings.

Our chicken wings are made fresh to order. Every bite contains just the right amount of crunch. Plus, our unique and fresh ingredients mean you’ll be sure to taste the real difference in flavors!

Delicious Signature Spice & Sauce Combos.

We don’t play around when it comes to flavors for our signature wings– each one is crafted by our culinary experts with the perfect combination of spices! Try our Whiskey BBQ, Sweet Chili, Lemon Pepper, Honey Mustard, and more!

Variety of Flavors and Heat Options.

One of the best things about our wings is that no two flavors or heat levels are the same! We offer a huge selection of sauces and spices so you can pick and choose whatever works best for your taste buds. Whether you like it mild, medium, or hot, we’ve got something for everyone. All of our dishes are accompanied by homemade dipping sauces made from fresh ingredients to enhance the overall flavor experience. So come take your taste buds on a ride with us – you won’t be disappointed!